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Dear Members,


The year is still young, but what a start we've had! We are focused on our vision to impact millions of Malaysians as we continue to inspire others to realise their true potential so that we can all make a positive difference to those around us. I am committed as the new National Director for BNI Malaysia to work with you to make this happen.


First, we saw the launch of BNI Smart Biz (Melaka) - the first Mandarin Platinum Kick Off Chapter [50+ Members] in Malaysia! Well done, Director Consultant Hanson Tan, and Executive Directors Susan Choo and Zhiwen Chin


Then BNI Great (Penang) became Penang's 2nd Mandarin Hall of Fame [35+ Members] Chapter of the Region. Congratulations Director Consultant Ammie Law, and Executive Director Kelvins Koh. Well done to Triple Gold Member, Ms. CK Tan [click here to see her profile] who sponsored at least 18 Members into this chapter!


Sarawak region saw their second Chapter in Sibu, BNI Vision. Congratulations to Director Consultant Ling Hua Wee and Executive Directors Kenny Voon and Nicole Yeoh.


And earlier this month we had a DOUBLE launch in a NEW Region - Klang. BNI Elite and BNI Prestige, the twin Chapters of Klang  were launched on 2 February 2018 and they are also poised to be Hall of Fame Chapters. Congratulations Area Development Director, Ken Phua and Director Consultants Dr Tim Law and Jimmy Ng.


In February 2018 Malaysia also made it to the list of largest BNI Chapters Worldwide. Congratulations BNI Winners (Johor Bahru) on becoming the 7th largest Chapter in the World with 110 Members!  By the way, the largest Chapter in the world (BNI Gladiators, India) has 130 members. BNI Johor Bahru under the leadership of Susan Choo leads the way in Malaysia with an average Chapter size of 61 Members, making it a a world class region!


BNI Malaysia is poised for growth. We have plans for new Regions, new and LARGER Chapters, more Trainings. All this growth will have a positive impact on you, the members, as more opportunities arise. The new Advanced MSP [4 topics] and Advanced Skills series [3 topics] has one objective…learn more effective ways for you to have a Continuous Source of Referrals for your business. The more you learn, the better your skills and the more your business will grow. Your business will grow only if you grow.


As we get ready to welcome the Lunar New Year, here are some statistics of our growth over the past 4 years:



No of Members

Average Chapter Size



TYFCB/Member (RM)


























One key point to note, the bigger our average Chapter size, the more TYFCB [Thank You for Closed Business] every Member gets. That's why all our Chapters launched from 2018 onwards will be Hall of Fame Chapters [minimum 35+ Members] and they are all setup to grow to 50+ Members Chapters within 3 months from launch. We will work with all Chapters in Malaysia to grow to above 35+ Members by end 2018 and 50+ Members by end 2019. More Members Make More Money [5M].


With the opening up of cross Chapter referrals in BNIC, you are able to key in passed and received Referrals and closed business. This is good for every BNI Member and we expect even more collaborations and business done this year when our Members can key in Referrals for each other worldwide! That means 230,000 Members in 73 countries. BNI is Changing the way the World does Business ™ and truly a Local Business, Global Network ™. More reasons you must not miss the Global Convention 2018 [click here for more info] in Bangkok where BNI Members and Directors from all over the world will congregate.


Last but not least, we expect to introduce BNI University this year [3rd quarter]. BNI University is an e-learning platform for you to review and test your understanding of the Trainings you attend. You can learn anytime, anywhere and at your convenience. Get excited as the best is yet to come!


I wish you all the best of health and success in your business in 2018. BNI Team Malaysia will strive to give our 101% to make your experience a great one in BNI and for you to achieve the results you deserve. All we ask is you continue to work the system, increase your skills and deliver the best value to your clients and referrals.


Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a great reunion dinner tonight for those celebrating Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays to all our dear Members!


Together WE Make Things Happen!


Best Regards,

Marcus Hwang

National Director, BNI Malaysia


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